Natural Shampoo – Belle Vie Chai Tea & Flax Seed Oil Shampoo Bar

by Jenelle on October 12, 2013

natural shampoo

Recently, I had the opportunity to review a handmade, natural shampoo bar.  Belle Vie xxx sent me their full sized Chai Tea & Flax Seed Oil Shampoo Bar.  This shampoo bar contains essential fatty acids and herbs, designed to help restore shine and body to hair that has become dry and dull.  Keep reading for more pictures and my results from using this shampoo bar.

When the shampoo bar arrived, I was impressed with the care that was taken to wrap it.  The bubble wrap let me know the seller was intent on making sure the shampoo bar didn’t get damaged.

natural shampoo

The Chai Tea & Flax Seed Oil shampoo bar contains the following ingredients:

Flax seed oil

Sunflower oil (nice light oil to help with dryness and damaged hair)

Olive oil (good for adding shine and keeping hair from frizzing)

Chai tea infused flax seed oil

Loose chai tea

Frankincense essential oil (good for dry skin)

natural shampoo

The shampoo bar I received was pretty large, approximately 5 oz.  Because of this, I decided to cut off a piece of the bar for use.  I want to preserve this bar as much as possible so, there’s no need to wet the entire bar.

natural shampoo

What I liked about this natural shampoo was how nice my hair felt.  I think due to the fact that so many natural ingredients containing essential fatty acids were used, this made running my fingers thru my hair a breeze.  Normally, shampoos leave my hair feeling extremely stripped and dry (and I wouldn’t dare try to run my fingers or a comb thru my hair while shampooing).  However, with this shampoo bar, I didn’t want to stop “washing”…that’s how nice it felt!

natural shampoo

The shampoo produced a pretty good lather.  I know a lot of natural shampoos aren’t knowing for lathering up, like most man-made shampoos that contain SLS.  I focused shampooing  my scalps, versus my actual hair.  I do this because I know the shampoo will eventually run down the length of my hair and there’s no need to manipulate my hair more than necessary during shampooing.


I really enjoyed using this shampoo bar.  Considering how large it is, and how small of a piece I used to shampoo my hair, I’m pretty sure this is going to last me quite a while.

You can purchase Belle Vie shampoo bars (and others items) from their Etsy store,  The Chai Tea & Flax Seed Oil shampoo bar sells for approximately $5.75 (for the 5.0 oz to 5.5 oz sized bar).  Other products range from $3.50 to $25.00 (for gift sets).  I have my eye on the Ginger Spice shampoo bar and the Dead Sea Salt and Mud Body Bar (sounds so devine!).  You can also visit their Facebook page,

So, have you ever tried any of the products from Belle Vie?  After visiting their Etsy page, what are you most interested in trying?  Let me know!

Disclaimer:  The products in this entry were provided by the manufacturer for consideration.  For more information about my posting policy, please see my Disclaimer.

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