Hair Buns – Double Rope Faux Bun Natural Hair Style

by Jenelle on December 2, 2013


With fall in full swing, it’s only a matter of time before the weather begins to get colder.  Fall and winter are the seasons where I like protective styling as much as possible.  With the air getting drier, there’s no reason for my hair to be dry too.  A quick, protective style  that I now have the length to pull off are hair buns.  For some, buns may seem a bit on the boring side.  But, I don’t always just pull my natural hair into a bun by itself.  Sometimes, I’ll jazz it up and add in some braid hair for something more elegant.  To make it even more fancy, don’t think for one minute you’re limited to a one ponytail bun.

This double rope faux bun is a fun protective style to do when I want to take a break from a “uni” bun.

To begin, I like starting with dry, stretched hair.  I then make a part so that I have two sections (a top and a bottom half).


Working with one half at a time, take a black hair tie (or a ponytail holder) to form a bun.  Use your styler and tool of choice to smooth your hair and edges.  I used castor oil and gel.


Do the same for the other half, making a bun and smoothing the hair and edges.


To help set your hair and lay your edges down, tie a scarf around your hair and leave it on for a few hours (over night is preferred).


I’m using one pack of jumbo braid hair for each bun (so that’s a total of two packs).  You can use as much, or as little, hair you’d like.


Take a pack of hair and it should already be split into two.   Attach a hair tie so that you have a loop for attaching to your bun.


Once secured to your bun, take one of the halves, and start twisting.


When you reach the bottom, you can secure the twist by folding the hair up and attaching a regular rubber band.  Repeat on the other half.  This is how it looks when both halves have been twisted.


For the other bun, repeat the same process.  This is how it looks when the top bun has been twisted.


Now, how you choose to  wrap the twists around your hair is a matter of preference.  I took one twist and wrapped it around the bun.  The other twist was left out.  I have plans to use this on my top bun.

Then for the top bun, after I attached the twists, I wrapped one twist around the bun and kinda positioned my hair through one of the twists.

I used hair pins to secure the bun as I wrapped and positioned.


Keep playing with it until everything is positioned and pinned to your liking.



You can watch the YouTube video tutorial of this natural hair style below!

So, do you wear faux buns?  What are some of your methods for getting creative with using buns for protective styling?  Let me know!

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