Natural Hair Care Products – Luv Naturals Four Step System Review

by Jenelle on August 5, 2013

natural hair care products

About a month ago, I decided to order the Luv Naturals Four Step System.  I’m always on the hunt for natural hair care products to try, seeing what might make it onto my list of holy grail products.  Seeing the success that Kim (founder of Luv Naturals) had growing her natural hair long, I was curious to give these products a try.  Now, this is not to say that I believe a product can make my hair grow longer and/or faster.  I wanted to see if these products did a good job keeping my hair feeling moisturized so that I could better retain the growth I get.  Keep reading for my review and information on how you can win all four products!

Review: Step 1 Don’t Be So Clingy! (Detangle)


Don’t Be So Clingy claims to help release knots, tangles, and shed hair.  I admit, it did do what it said it would do.  I made sure to follow the directions applied it to wet hair.  I also made sure to separate my hair into 4 sections (which is normal since I do all of my washing/conditioning/styling in sections).  This product has a noticeable citrus scent, which works for me because I love all things citrus!  Don’t Be So Clingy did allow me to run my fingers thru my hair with ease.

Review: Step 2 Wash Me Gently (Wash & Cleanse)


Wash Me Gently claims to gently and effectively cleanse the hair and scalp of mild to moderate build-up.  In the past, most shampoos, no matter what the claim is, have always left my hair feeling really stripped and dry.  I know that’s the nature of shampoo but, sometimes I’m hoping I can find a natural shampoo that cleanses without leaving my hair feeling too stripped.  Wash Me Gently did a good job at cleansing my hair without leaving it dry and crunchy.  I can really smell the tea tree oil in this shampoo, which makes me feel like my scalp and hair are being thoroughly cleansed.

Review: Step 3 Conditional Love (triple use conditioner)


Conditional Love It is said that you can use Conditional Love  as a regular conditioner, a deep conditioner, or for co-washing.  I’ve only used it immediately after washing my hair, for a regular conditioning session.  I’ve also mixed this with my Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose conditioner, for a deep conditioning session under a hooded dryer.  I do plan on using it alone for deep conditioning and co washing.  I liked that it was thick and creamy.  It also smells like vanilla, making me think of how my kitchen smells when I’m baking.

Review: Step 4 Love Me and Leave-In (leave-in conditioner)


Love Me and Leave-In works to seal in moisture by ensuring that the hair cuticles are closed.  This was my favorite of the 4 products I tried.  No matter what type of shampoo or conditioner I use, I I always want to ensure that what I use to finish it all of (my leave-in) is good.  I’ve mixed up the conditioner that Kim provided us the recipe for and that has worked well.  However, sometimes I just want to be able to grab one product already mixed up.  I’m not always in the mood for mixing and measuring.  Love Me and Leave-In left my hair feeling like all of the moisture was sealed in and nothing could penetrate it (in a good way).  It felt moist and luscious.  Love Me and Leave-In has a very light smell, one that reminds me of strawberries.

Overall Thoughts

All of the products are $13, with the exception of the leave-in conditioner costing $14.  You get 8 fl. oz. of product for each of the four steps.  I was impressed with how fast my order came.  I ordered on Wednesday and it arrived two days later on that Friday.  I also liked the fact that I didn’t have to pay shipping.  That’s one thing that usually turns me off from ordering hair products online.  I’m usually impatient and prefer to be able to go to a store and buy what I want instantly.


While I liked the detangler, shampoo, and conditioner, they didn’t wow me to the point of needing to continually keep them in my stash.  I can’t see myself spending approximately $39 every 2 months to replenish the set.  At this stage in my natural hair journey, I’ve been able to find products that are cheaper, can be purchased in a store, or concocted in my own kitchen that work just as well.

Now, the leave-in conditioner, that is something I would definitely buy again.  Whenever I would watch Kim’s videos, I would often hear her say that she didn’t need to add anything else to her hair after using her leave-in conditioner.  Having used this leave-in conditioner, I felt the same way.  My hair felt extremely moisturized and well sealed.  Even though I have the recipe for her DIY conditioner, the Love Me and Leave-In product from Luv Naturals is different.

So, have you tried any of the products from Luv Naturals?  What was your favorite?

Let me know!

PS – Stay tuned for a giveaway that will be announced next week, where you’ll have a chance to win all four products from the Luv Naturals natural hair care products line!

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amanda neal August 6, 2013 at 5:31 pm

Am trying to go natual but i have a long road a head of me so am trying to see what help meand. My hair.


Jenelle August 7, 2013 at 11:41 am

What do you mean you have a long road ahead of you? If nothing else, try to find someone who has a similar hair type. At least that way, you won’t waste too much time and money on products/techniques that might be better suited for different hair types. I know there are a TON of products out there! Start small so you won’t find yourself in the beauty supply store or online buying something all of the time! Good luck!


Belle Jheanell August 8, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Hey Jenelle,
Thank you so much for visiting my blogs!

Great review! This line has been on my to try list forever! I learned so much from Kimmaytube back in the day


Jenelle August 12, 2013 at 1:12 pm

No problem! Love finding new blogs to read! Thanks! I hope you entered the giveaway. Kim has truly been a great resource in helping me to understand the importance of ph, moisture, and patience!


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