Natural Hair Length Check September 2013

by Jenelle on September 20, 2013


It’s been quite some time since I did an actual length check.  I know my hair is growing but, it really helps to have pictures and videos to help you track your progress.  This is my natural hair length check for September 2013.

The last time I did an “official” length check video was some time in January of 2012.  Back in June of 2013, I cut about 2-3 inches off of my hair.  I had some serious split ends and I felt like hanging on to the “damaged” length was more of a hindrance to my overall growth.

Here’s the current length of my hair in the front.


Next up is where my hair falls on the left side.


And here is the right side of my hair.


The hardest pic to get right now is of my hair in the back.  I’m almost at that point where I can hold my head back and reach a section of hair in the back to pull down!  So looking forward to that (that and making a progress t-shirt to wear).


I also like to see how my hair looks stretched.  I stretched my hair by roller setting with large magnetic rollers.


My next length check will be in approximately 3 months, sometime in December 2013.

So, do you stick to a routine of doing consistent length checks?  Do you find that length checks help to keep you motivated to continue on your hair journey?  Let me know!

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