Natural Skincare Products – Sugar Scrub

by Jenelle on September 11, 2013

Oh how I love body scrubs!  Using a body scrub regularly helps to get rid of dead skin on your body, allowing new cells underneath to get some exposure, helping your skin to look fresher and younger.  You can use body scrubs all over you body, from your face to your feet!  Purchasing pre-made scrubs can be quite expensive.  Especially when you consider just how inexpensive it is to make.  Chances are, you probably already have all of the ingredients you need right in your kitchen!

When it comes to making a body scrub, you can choose to use sugar or salt.  These are the most popular exfoliants used for making scrubs.  Deciding which one to use really depends on your skin condition.  Something more harsh, made with sea salt can be used on areas like your feet.  Your face, being that it’s much more delicate, will do better with a gentler scrub made from sugar.

For this body scrub, all I used was brown sugar and extra virgin olive oil.  You can use whatever oil you wish to use, like coconut oil or sweet almond oil.  When I first used coconut oil, I found that it was a little too oily for my liking.  Not to mention, it made for a hazardous situation on the shower floor!

I combined 1 part oil to 2 parts sugar for my body scrub.  Use a spoon to mix your ingredients.  Also, it’s normal for the oil and sugar to separate over time so don’t think you did something wrong.  If you really want to jazz up your scrub, consider adding a few drops of an essential oil to the mix.

To use, apply the body scrub to dry skin.  It is up to you if you’d like to also use a bath mitt or exfoliating gloves when massing the scrub onto your body.  Remember to rub gently when it comes to delicate areas like your face, neck, and stomach.  When you’re done, make sure to rinse off the scrub completely.  You should be left with skin that feels very soft and smooth.

Oh, and as a courtesy, make sure you clean up the shower floor so the next person entering the shower doesn’t slip and fall!

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