YouTube Video – Natural Hair Braid Out

by Jenelle on July 25, 2013

Natural Hair Braid Out

I decided to attempt a braid out on my hair.  Up until this point, I had only done twist-outs and flat twist-outs (which are really the same thing!).

I’m always trying to figure out what combination of products work well for my twists and braids.  I did some research and saw that a lot of people apply an oil before applying a “setting/hold” type of product (think, gel or setting lotion).  Since I was concerned about my hair being dry and crunch, I made sure to coat my hair with extra virgin olive oil prior to using the gel.

I originally only planed to sit under the dryer for a couple of hours and then take my braids out later on that day.  Instead, I ended up keeping the braids in for 2 days.  This resulted in some beautiful definition.

Here are how the braids looked before I took them down, after being in for two days.  I rubbed some avocado oil on my hair prior to taking them down.  This was done to minimize the frizz.

Natural Hair Braid Out


In this picture, these are the braids before I started separating them.

Natural Hair Braid Out


I found that I didn’t really need or want to separate them.  I made my braids small enough to give me enough separation instantly.

Natural Hair Braid Out


Natural Hair Braid Out


Overall, for my first braid out, I really like how it came out. (final picture)

Natural Hair Braid Out


The video tutorial can be found here.  If you haven’t done so already, make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel.  I upload videos every Sunday.


Until the next time, WERK!

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